The right style of artwork within a healing environment can create a feeling of well being and even speed up the recovery process. When working with healthcare clients we look for artwork that feels whole and natural. We also tend to introduce colors that can be found in nature that soothe and calm in their interaction. E Art Consulting believes that the old out dated institutional look for hospitals is no longer a valid way to handle a healthcare environment. The new look of hospitals will feel more like an upscale spa. This will help relax and heal the patients and staff and give patients the confidence of knowing they are in good hands.
  • Photography: Macro, nature, abstract
  • Paintings on paper or canvas : acrylic, mixed media
  • Mixed media works of art incorporating fiber, textiles
    and metals
  • Glass sculpture
  • Fine art posters
  • Murals
  • 3-dimensional wall sculptures, mobiles and outdoor sculptures